Over a hundred years ago, with the vision of Shri Hansraj Hari,grandfather of R. J. Gandhi Sr., a    freight broking  firm in the shipping industry was founded, which was to be passed down the generations.

    R. J. Gandhi & Co. came into existence in 1977,after having completed 24 years of R. J. Gandhi Sr.’s         undaunted  reputation in a carrier with the ancestral firm.

     Hans Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd., a company registered under Indian Laws and an R. J. Gandhi Group Co.        was subsequently formed to handle diversified shipping activities, which is headquartered at Nariman Point,       Mumbai, commercial heart of India with associate offices across India along with well established network        of agents around the world.

     Needless to mention with the number of years spent in the business and with total hands on management,        the directors have extensive knowledge of the industry and expertise in the laws governing the industry.        This coupled with the strength of experienced and well-trained staff in the related fields of shipping and        logistics, backed up by up to date communication systems and latest in computer technology.

     Our organization is visible with various industry forums like Bombay Overseas Freight Brokers’ Association,       Association and Association of Multimodal Transport Of India.

    We provide services in the following area:
   - Shipping
   - Freight booking - Air and Sea
   - Freight Forwarding
   - Cross Trade
   - Handling of cargo from warehouse to warehouse
   - Warehousing and Distribution
   - Transport
   - Insurance
   - Shipping agency and representation

    In addition to over 100000 freight tons of bulk and break bulk cargo, we handle approx. 15000 teu’s per       annum, inbound and outbound across India.

    Representing the Port of Liverpool in India, we market and publicise the benefits of usage of the port to the       Import & Export trade in general.

    Our sound and transparent financial management systems and everlasting relationship with our business        partners and customers is THE REASON of our growth and success, with a promise for the similar future.